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Moses' Tabernacle

It was around 1450 B.C. The Hebrews were taken into Egyptian bondage for 430 years. God heard the cry of His people and sent Moses to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt.

So Moses went as God instructed and after a series of 10 plagues the children of Israel were out of Egypt. Moses led them through the Red Sea and after 3 months they came to the wilderness of Sinai.

At Mount Sinai, God commanded Moses to come up the mountain and gave him the law and commands and detail instructions to build the Tabernacle.

The Tabernacle was a portable structure for the Israelites to worship God. See for yourself how the Tabernacle was put together.

Solomon's Temple

480 years after the Exodus, at around 970 B.C., Solomon began to build the first temple. He had spent 7 years building it. The Temple was a most spectacular and expensive construction project. The entire interior, even the floors, were all covered with pure gold.

Essentially, Solomon's Temple was similar to the Tabernacle in its basic layout and design, but on a larger scale. Solomon increased the number of sacred vessels in use. For example, he built not one lampstand, but 10, as well as 10 tables of showbread. He also constructed 10 special carts to transport the basins from place to place within the Temple. The molten sea, a large reservoir of water resting on 12 oxen, was for the priests to purify themselves before attending to their sacred duties. The two bronze pillars standing at the entrance were also a hallmark of Solomon's Temple.

This interactive 3D model renders Solomon's Temple. It is carefully reconstructed even down to the minutest detail. Now after 2,500 years since the Temple was destroyed, you can once again experience its glory and beauty.

Noah's Ark

In the book of Genesis, God saw that the earth was corrupt and filled with violence, and He was about to destroy the earth with flood of waters. He instructed Noah to build an ark to escape the Flood. Apart from Noah's family, the Ark was intended to receive and keep animals that were to fill the earth again and all the food which was necessary for them.

It was around 2460 B.C. when the Flood came and destroyed the world. After the Flood, the Ark rested on Mount Ararat. For centuries, many expeditions had been searching for the Ark on the mountain. But today you can explore it right here.

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Cut-away View of the Tabernacle

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Cut-away View of the Temple

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